Basic Information

The Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic is a voluntary, apolitical and nongovernmental organisation. Members of the Union are towns and municipalities.  The Union of Towns and Municipalities is a partner for governmental and parliamentary political representation. It participates in the preparation and creation of draft legislative measures in areas pertaining to the competencies of municipalities. The Union’s activity is primarily based on the activity of mayors, lord mayors and representatives who, beyond the framework of their duties, also devote to general self-government issues.

Main objectives

  • To promote common interests and rights of Czech cities and municipalities and to support their development,
  • To participate in the preparation of laws and other measures having an impact on local self-government,
  • To duly inform the Government, Parliament and European Union institutions about how their measures can influence the municipal life,
  • To enhance the economic independence of towns and municipalities,
  • To inform and educate representatives and employees of municipal authorities,
  • To support exchange of best practice and experience,
  • To assist towns and municipalities in gaining subsidies from the EU and national resources.


The Union of Towns and Municipalities associates more than 2,700 (approx. 44%) of the total number of more than 6 200 Czech communities, municipalities, towns and cities. They represent more than 8 million (79%) of the total population of the Czech Republic which is currently around 10,5 million inhabitants. 

SMO ČR members are regularly informed about its activities by means of an electronic newsletter, printed monthly-issued Information Service (INS), SMO ČR web sites, Facebook.