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Self-governments in the Czech Republic

Territorial self-government in the Czech Republic has two tiers. Currently, there is a total of 6,249 municipalities in the Czech Republic, of which there are 20 chartered towns, 496 towns and 5,733 municipalities.

The Constitution of the Czech Republic anchors the division of the Czech Republic into basic (municipalities) and higher (regions) territorial self-government units. Regional self-government is formed by 14 regions, including the City of Prague (which is at the same time a municipality and a region). There are big differences between the population of individual municipalities. The biiggest number of citizens live in the City of Prague (approximately 1.2 million citizens), while the smallest municipalities may have about two dozens of citizens. The average number is about 1,600 citizens.
Municipalities in the Czech Republic administer their territories within the framework of independent competence. Besides, they execute deleagated competences, which they were delegated by the state. Within their self-compentence, all municipalities and towns have equal rights and obligations. Execution of the delegated competences depends on the size of the municipality and the territory it administers. Municipalities are divided into three groups, according to the scope of delegated competences.



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